Finding Forever

Finding Forever

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gratitude Giveaway-Reblogged from Rachelle's Window

Hi Melisa, so wonderful that you have a new book out, and a romantic suspense too! I've read it and it is very exciting. I especially like Cruz who is a sweetie but a man who knows what he wants. How did you come up with his character?

I wanted a strong male lead, but one that was also lovable and compassionate.

What makes Cruz the perfect man for Daniella?

That's a tough question. What makes any man perfect for a woman? I'd have to answer that by saying he's charming, witty,  persistent, and genuine (and handsome too). Something Daniella needs after a previous disastrous relationship. 

How does Daniella grow in your story?

There is so much to say about her that I don't think I could summarize Daniella's growth. At the very least, she's been through some pretty horrific situations, but she discovers an inner strength and overcomes some of her greatest fears. Daniella and Cruz learn that no matter what happens, love prevails.

2013 is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. How well received has Twenty Weeks been? Do you see a change in sentiment among younger people?

It's either loved or hated.  It depends on the opinion of pro-life or pro-choice. There's nothing in the novel that doesn't happen in real life. Abortion is real. Abuse is real. Controversy is real. And sometimes there is a happily ever after ;) no matter how old we are.

That's good to know. What's next? How did you come up with it?

I'm working on the first novel I wrote. Finding Forever is a trilogy that I hold close to my heart. To me, it's the greatest love story that develops in a world I'd want to live in. A world that doesn't exist... or does it?

And do you really want to know how I came up with it? Ha! Funny how a crazy dream of an Olympic size pool and shaving my legs gave me the idea of the story. I think it was the mysterious mansion surrounding the pool that really had me thinking. So many what ifs came to mind. NO. The story has nothing to do with me and shaving either ;b.

Super excited about your trilogy. Is there a message in there?

Yes, there is a message, but I'm not going to give it away. NOPE.

Well, thanks for talking to us. I think it is safe to say that you are a true romantic and believe that love will conquer all.
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Excerpt for Finding Forever
That first time, when he presses his lips against mine and kisses the words ‘I Love You’ right down into the very heart of my soul, that’s when I knew we were about to be ripped apart.


A TRICKLING OF TEARS CASCADE DOWN my cheeks as I watch Ben sleep. My heart aches knowing this might be the last kiss I give him as I lean over and press my lips against his forehead. “I love you, Ben. We’ll find each other. Never give up. It won’t be long—I promise,” I whisper, uncertain of my own promise. 
         He tosses, turns, and curls up next to me. He traces my lips with his thumb. “What’s wrong…? Why are you crying?”
         “It’s… it’s time. They’re pulling me out of here. The… the other people. I don’t want to go, Ben.” I sob and exhale heavily. “I can’t be without you. I-I just can’t. I’ll die if I go back! I can’t live without…”
         “Sh.” He rises to his knees, bringing me up with him, and moves forward, lips almost touching mine. “You have to get control of yourself. You have to be positive for both of us. How will anything we’ve talked about ever work if you can’t control your emotions?”
         He speaks soft but stern before his breathing turns ragged. “I’m not trying to be harsh, but I love you and I need to know you can do this.”
         Inhaling his scent drives a passionate urge deep within me and in this moment, he sweeps me in to the sweet bliss of a deep kiss. His touch is like no other, calming the darkness, soothing my soul, he makes me feel whole, complete, and... I have to get a grip on my emotions. I need to be strong for the two of us.
         “You’re my life, too, and I’ll hold you right here.” He places his hand over his heart; his head falls against my shoulder and he nuzzles my neck. Wrapping my arms around him, I squeeze and clench his shirt, entwine it between my fingers. I only wish this would be enough to pull him through with me.
         “Remember what I said.” He raises his head, his blue-eyes hopeful underneath the disheveled mess of blond hair. “Focus on details, even the smallest ones. More importantly, mark a path and make sure you’re—”
         A chill sweeps over me like icy fingers clawing at the back of my neck. “Ben? Oh, God! Ben. Ben! I can’t hear yyyooouuuu.” The words echo and I know this is it, the end of it all.
         “B-Beh—” I cry again, but the strength of the pull feels like a weighted ball crashing against my chest, shoving me backward.
         A high-pitched wail pours into the very core of my heart. Ben! I see tears spill down his cheeks as he dives toward me. I think he reaches me, but he falls right through me, as if I were a mere shadow—visible but transparent, and then he disappears. 
         Please, oh please, God, bring us back together. I can’t live without him.
¤ ¤ ¤
         Green, red, black, purple and white colors flash before my eyes. Vibrating sounds buzz in my ears. My head thunders with explosions of pain. Each breath I take burns. I cough and retch with each force of the tug in my throat, poofs of air drawing upward with each wrench. I try to grab at it, but warm, callous fingers, press against my cold hands.
         My eyelids flutter and I wake to a blinding light. “Ben? Ben, where are you?” I choke on the words. I search with my hands and pat frantically at the shadow standing next to me. I gulp hard at the deep burn of raw pain crowding at the back of my throat.
         “Hey, hey, calm down, Morgan. It’s me, James. You’ve had a bad accident. Do you remember anything?”
         The silhouette of a man with dark wavy hair leans over me. I blink several times before I notice his big, brown eyes staring at me. James? The name forms around my lips but I can’t say it.
         Where’s Ben… Danny... the mansion. Where are they? Hot tears trickle down my cheeks. 
         The lines in James’ forehead deepen and his brows furrow. His eyes droop as if he’s sad.
         Do I know him?
         I cry relentlessly. “Ben! Danny. Everybody. The mansion. Where are they?”
         “You were in a coma, Morgan. Maybe you were dreaming of people, but there’s no Ben or Danny… and no mansion. You don’t know anyone with those names. Maybe you were dreaming? I’m sorry, but this is me, James. Remember me, your boyfriend?” He shoots me a hopeful smile.
         “You?”  I whisper. “You can’t be my boyfriend.”
         I stare at him as he tucks his hands into the front pockets of his faded jeans, shaking his head and lowering it. Without another word, he turns and walks away.
         Who does he think he is, passing himself off as my boyfriend. Ha. Tall, dark wavy hair, copper eyes—he must be Italian. But to say he’s my boyfriend? No, no. I have a boyfriend.
         Ben? I need you.
         I let my head sink back into the pillow, and examine the tubes and wires connecting to my arms, head and chest. Monitors beep and there’s the drip, drip, drip of the I.V. White walls, bright lights, medical equipment—I’m in the one place I hate, the hospital. I close my eyes wishing it all away.
¤ ¤ ¤
         Waking with a start, I glance around the room for any unwanted visitors.  A dozen balloons float near the window and there are flowers with cards tucked into their forks. Thoughtful, but unnecessary.
         As I continue to scan the area, my eye catches something familiar. My iTouch! And a crumpled hospital bag most likely containing my clothes.
         Without permission or knowing whether I can stand on my own two feet, I slide off the bed and grip the railing. Hmm. I’m steady enough and challenge myself by grasping the I.V. pole, and take a step forward. After a few more steps, I snatch the bag and my iTouch.
         Safely back in bed, I examine the iTouch. It’s covered in pink goo. I poke my head in the hospital bag and then dump the contents on my lap. The tattered clothes have a thick layer of the pink goo on them too.
         What does this mean? What. Does. This. Mean!
         Frustration sets in. I close my eyes, and rub my pink gooey hands against my temples, and then…
         Explosions erupt in my head like a volcano… liquid oozing from it, flowing through my brain with bits and pieces of information.
         There was lightning.
         And thunder.
And, something eerie.
         Like a twilight zone.
I recall the voices.
         The creepy voices that whisper-shouted my name. “Moooooorrrrrrgaaaannnn!”
         Oh, god! I’m there and I don’t know where ‘there’ is.
Where am I, where am I!
         My pulse pounds against my ears and my head is spinning. 
         Splattering, splattering, splattering!
         I see myself.
I’m splattering at the bottom!
         “No, no, no,” I say breathlessly as I slowly open my eyes…
         …and I scream.


Melisa's Books: Twenty Weeks and Of Love and Deception are available at and Barnes and

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hidden Under Her Heart

.99 For a short time only!

My Review: 
I'm usually in cahoots with the heroine of the story, as in 'You gettem girl! Tell him off and don't let him dictate your life!' But not this time. The hero, Lucas, was my favorite. He started off great and he had me rolling! He's upbeat and hilarious at opportune times, but straight forward and serious, letting his voice shine when it all boils down to his compassion for life. We never really see too much of the male prospective when it comes to decision making and life choices, but Lucas was strong and never backed down. In all honesty, he was Maryanne's stronghold, and I believe she would have fell, hard, if she didn't have such a wonderful person to encourage and push her in the right direction.

Maryanne has definitely had some rough times and never really blames anyone for the position she wound up in, other than herself. She chose to drink, but she didn't choose her fate nor the horrible things that were done to her. I do feel she was a weak woman and would have followed through with her original plan if her hospital stays hadn't prevented her from missing her appointments. And the fact that Lucas kept at her, constantly prodding and pointing her in the right direction.

And then we have the Triathalon/Ironman contest Lucas had been training for. This was written so well that I really felt Lucas as he competed. Felt his sweat, his muscles burning and begging to quit, his adrenaline rush as he pushed harder, focused on his goal, the prize at the finish line, and then his triumph. He's just a wonderful, awesome, and droolworthy male!

Nearing the end of the story, I was totally amazed to witness some pretty scary, yet beautiful things through the eyes of Lucas. He's definitely going to be hidden under some womens hearts ;b. Maryanne couldn't have asked for a better partner, lover, or hero to take her to the finish line. Nope!

I do have to mention that even though Maryanne had been weak, she found strength in herself and learned that fertilizer is just fertilizer. It's the beautiful flower that emerges and paints her heart with a little more color that makes all the difference in life.

So come along and see what happens, what life decisions Maryanne makes and why Lucas is so awesome!

5/5 Stars!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Amazon link:

My Review:
Excellent Cover! Love it ;b
My first reaction: Intervention! I want to take Kate away from her mother and help her recreate herself and understand that she is a person, not an object of hate.

My second reaction: Medication or no, that woman is the spawn of satan. No really, she is. No child should ever be treated the way Kate’s mother treats her. No twenty-two year old should have to put up with such degradation. I wanted to be mad at Kate, tell her she’s an adult and that her mother should no longer have any control over her, but that’s impossible when the woman stalks her own daughter/daughter’s family. And then I wonder what’s wrong with her father? Why isn’t he stepping in? But such is life that we cannot always know the answers or secrets to ones heart.

The one foundation Kate has is Paul, her childhood sweetheart who she marries. It’s unimaginable what or where Kate would be without him. He’s definitely a remarkable hero.

This paragraph melted my heart: (When Kate confronts her mother and her mother can't even tell her she loves her!)
As I’m about to suggest we leave, there’s a tug on my overalls. A cute kid in a soccer shirt and a mushroom cut lump of hair, says, “Don’t worry. I love you, Miss.”

Berto, Rebecca (2012-11-27). Precise (Pulling Me Under) (Kindle Locations 873-875). . Kindle Edition.

As I finished the novella and continued to read the excerpt to the second part “Pulling Me Under” which appears to be a novel and not a novella, my heart is already in turmoil for Kate. I see her foundation crumbling and I’m truly afraid for her and Ella. To the point that I MUST know where the rest of her story goes and hope there is a rainbow shining for Kate and Ella.

This is a story where you want to hug all of the Kate’s in the world and let them know not everything is evil, to give positive reinforcement and encouragement.

I’ll ponder Kate’s outcome until “Pulling Me Under” is available.

Do I recommend Precise? An author who can create such emotions and tug at your heartstrings, as Ms. Berto has, absolutely has my recommendation.

5/5 Stars!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A lil Story about the Author's and book love ;b

Authors and Book Love up to 2012

In 2012 I found THE VINCENT BOYS and later learned they were THE VINCENT BROTHERS and they were damn hot! And BECAUSE OF LOW I met a new guy, Cage, and daaa-uum he was smokin’ WHILE IT LASTS but JUST FOR NOW I’ve FALLEN TOO FAR with Blair and Rush and I’m stuck waiting for the rest of their story which Abbi Glines says is NEVER TOO FAR but March! I say yes it is! She doesn’t understand I’ve just been SLAMMED to THE POINT OF RETREAT by Colleen Hoover who made me laugh and cry and clap my hands because I really am that HOPELESS and I wish she’d write another novel instead of throwing me a bone in Holder’s voice! Until then I’ll wait by Katja Millay’s THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY even though I’m pretty sure Olivia from THE OPPORTUNIST threw Caleb’s phone in there when that DIRTY RED Leah was calling to talk about Kierra who was really THOUGHTLESS when she fell in love with Kellan! And did she really think it would be like all EFFORTLESS or something? Well, Lexi tells me I have no idea about AVOIDING COMMITMENT until you meet Jack and … well! He’s really AVOIDING RESPONSIBILITY and who could blame him when you got a girl like … ew. Bekah! But! It wasn’t really ACCIDENTLY ON PURPOSE  that Emmy fell in love with Kyle and Luke. She just needed to find out that Kyle was really a puke and playing a CHARADE or maybe that was Cheyenne and Colt who I really loved ;) Maybe I’m LOSING IT like Bliss did with her professorlike her virginity but I already lost that because SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS ! I won’t say who played THE PERFECT GAME down ON DUBLIN STREET with WALLBANGER because we all know he likes SEDUCING CINDERELLA even though they’re such a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! WHEN WE TOUCH it’s like HER BEST FRIENDS BROTHER  who’s in the WRONG BED, RIGHT GUY and from there on out it’s LOVE unscripted when THE BOY WHO SNEAKS IN MY BEDROOM WINDOW lights GABRIEL’S INFERNO who decides to step into MICHAL’S WINDOW and help rescue King David! ONLY IN HER DREAMS can you get that 
ONE DANCE WITH A STRANGER but then it’s TICK TOCK RUN or THINK FAST, DIE LAST unless you wish upon THE FALLEN STAR or have a VISION about GONE GIRL! Damn! Now I’m DOWN TO YOU all WHITE TRASH BEAUTIFUL and you don’t know the LENGTHS one goes to find SOMEONE TO LOVE and if you pass it up, you have to TAKE THIS REGRET! OMG, I’ve just learned THE SECRET OF ELLA & MICHA and they say it’s THE COINCIDENCE OF CALLIE AND KAYDEN who DEVOURED um This MAN who was standing on THE EDGE OF NEVER for TWENTY WEEKS because Jen gave him a BROKEN BUILD and found out she was guilty of some INNOCENT LITTLE CRIMES but she says it was only out OF LOVE & DECEPTION! But the students at FALLEN CREST HIGH  said the dude had a BAD REP when he blew UP IN FLAMES
for TAKING CHANCES on FREEDOM ROADBut Dang! I think I need to read BETWEEN THE LINES or is it ONE PINK LINE ? I’m not PRECISE but I think I just took ETERNAL VOWS or THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN… either way, I’ll be a WIFE BY WEDNESDAY and he’ll be FOREVER MINE and I’ll take him down to the THE SWEET GUM TREE where we can… well! You know… ANY TIME, ANY PLACE pop the porpoise…I mean  FIND YOU IN THE DARK for a little HANDS ON where one can learn about HAILEY’S TRUTH! They say MEGAN’S WAY is BROKEN by MORGAN’S HUNTER who’s really been FALLING FOR SARAH because she really has 
A NEEDFUL HEART or needs a lil RAE of HOPE because it’s seriously REGRETS ONLY when you’re CAPTIVE IN THE DARK but Shhh!  We know we all wanna lil BLINDFOLDED INNOCENCE and to be   SEDUCED IN THE DARK by Caleb who’s got a serious case of  REX RISING while we're at the EATON HOUSE  meeting SOFIE & CARTER who live SOUTH OF BIXBY BRIDGE which is all  
and it gets a little GRITTYwhen you 
just THE VERY THOUGHT OF HIM brings me BACK TO YOU most likely UNDER THE COVERS and you know Sydney says it’s like all WEEKENDS REQUIRED and you’ll wake up one
WICKED MOURNING not knowing WHETHER I’LL LIVE OR DIE so make your WISH LIST and understand she’s NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS but there is ALWAYS & FOREVER a wonderful LOVE STORY and the really best ones totally ROCK ME  and LEAVE ME BREATHLESS! And that's some serious LOVE unrehearsed baby!

And to all
a Happy New Year

 Melisa Hamling