Finding Forever

Finding Forever

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hidden Under Her Heart

.99 For a short time only!

My Review: 
I'm usually in cahoots with the heroine of the story, as in 'You gettem girl! Tell him off and don't let him dictate your life!' But not this time. The hero, Lucas, was my favorite. He started off great and he had me rolling! He's upbeat and hilarious at opportune times, but straight forward and serious, letting his voice shine when it all boils down to his compassion for life. We never really see too much of the male prospective when it comes to decision making and life choices, but Lucas was strong and never backed down. In all honesty, he was Maryanne's stronghold, and I believe she would have fell, hard, if she didn't have such a wonderful person to encourage and push her in the right direction.

Maryanne has definitely had some rough times and never really blames anyone for the position she wound up in, other than herself. She chose to drink, but she didn't choose her fate nor the horrible things that were done to her. I do feel she was a weak woman and would have followed through with her original plan if her hospital stays hadn't prevented her from missing her appointments. And the fact that Lucas kept at her, constantly prodding and pointing her in the right direction.

And then we have the Triathalon/Ironman contest Lucas had been training for. This was written so well that I really felt Lucas as he competed. Felt his sweat, his muscles burning and begging to quit, his adrenaline rush as he pushed harder, focused on his goal, the prize at the finish line, and then his triumph. He's just a wonderful, awesome, and droolworthy male!

Nearing the end of the story, I was totally amazed to witness some pretty scary, yet beautiful things through the eyes of Lucas. He's definitely going to be hidden under some womens hearts ;b. Maryanne couldn't have asked for a better partner, lover, or hero to take her to the finish line. Nope!

I do have to mention that even though Maryanne had been weak, she found strength in herself and learned that fertilizer is just fertilizer. It's the beautiful flower that emerges and paints her heart with a little more color that makes all the difference in life.

So come along and see what happens, what life decisions Maryanne makes and why Lucas is so awesome!

5/5 Stars!


Rachelle Ayala said...

Thanks Melisa, for your support. :)

Finding Forever In Romance said...

Always ;b. Your books are worth supporting

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Finding Forever In Romance said...

Anon, what more do you want to know?