Finding Forever

Finding Forever

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Say goodbye to your Panties! FIGHTING FOR FLIGHT

Golden stars!

By JB Salsbury

O.M mother freaking G-strings and other naughty things! My panties are in flight! No fight necessary :b. Jonah... oh where have you been! Jonah... just wow! He's a lil bit of everything. Bad boy, LOVER, protecter, and a whole lotta Alpha all the way to my Omega!

Raven gets the gold metal when she motors in to Jonah. And she'll need every bit of him when the cruel and harsh reality of her genetic tree comes crashing down. A father no daughter should or would ever claim, for good reason, is running a horrible and illegal `business' if you will. But there are prices to pay and Raven is the price tag.

Raised by a mother who turned a blind eye at the most critical stage in life, birth, Raven has never known love. It's only natural she'd be unstable, but you have to see ALL of her and ALL of Jonah to truly love these characters in all of their flawed beauty. Without spoilers, all I can say is...

HOLY mother of PEARLS! Get your shark teeth out and devour this one!