Finding Forever

Finding Forever

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A lil Story about the Author's and book love ;b

Authors and Book Love up to 2012

In 2012 I found THE VINCENT BOYS and later learned they were THE VINCENT BROTHERS and they were damn hot! And BECAUSE OF LOW I met a new guy, Cage, and daaa-uum he was smokin’ WHILE IT LASTS but JUST FOR NOW I’ve FALLEN TOO FAR with Blair and Rush and I’m stuck waiting for the rest of their story which Abbi Glines says is NEVER TOO FAR but March! I say yes it is! She doesn’t understand I’ve just been SLAMMED to THE POINT OF RETREAT by Colleen Hoover who made me laugh and cry and clap my hands because I really am that HOPELESS and I wish she’d write another novel instead of throwing me a bone in Holder’s voice! Until then I’ll wait by Katja Millay’s THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY even though I’m pretty sure Olivia from THE OPPORTUNIST threw Caleb’s phone in there when that DIRTY RED Leah was calling to talk about Kierra who was really THOUGHTLESS when she fell in love with Kellan! And did she really think it would be like all EFFORTLESS or something? Well, Lexi tells me I have no idea about AVOIDING COMMITMENT until you meet Jack and … well! He’s really AVOIDING RESPONSIBILITY and who could blame him when you got a girl like … ew. Bekah! But! It wasn’t really ACCIDENTLY ON PURPOSE  that Emmy fell in love with Kyle and Luke. She just needed to find out that Kyle was really a puke and playing a CHARADE or maybe that was Cheyenne and Colt who I really loved ;) Maybe I’m LOSING IT like Bliss did with her professorlike her virginity but I already lost that because SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS ! I won’t say who played THE PERFECT GAME down ON DUBLIN STREET with WALLBANGER because we all know he likes SEDUCING CINDERELLA even though they’re such a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! WHEN WE TOUCH it’s like HER BEST FRIENDS BROTHER  who’s in the WRONG BED, RIGHT GUY and from there on out it’s LOVE unscripted when THE BOY WHO SNEAKS IN MY BEDROOM WINDOW lights GABRIEL’S INFERNO who decides to step into MICHAL’S WINDOW and help rescue King David! ONLY IN HER DREAMS can you get that 
ONE DANCE WITH A STRANGER but then it’s TICK TOCK RUN or THINK FAST, DIE LAST unless you wish upon THE FALLEN STAR or have a VISION about GONE GIRL! Damn! Now I’m DOWN TO YOU all WHITE TRASH BEAUTIFUL and you don’t know the LENGTHS one goes to find SOMEONE TO LOVE and if you pass it up, you have to TAKE THIS REGRET! OMG, I’ve just learned THE SECRET OF ELLA & MICHA and they say it’s THE COINCIDENCE OF CALLIE AND KAYDEN who DEVOURED um This MAN who was standing on THE EDGE OF NEVER for TWENTY WEEKS because Jen gave him a BROKEN BUILD and found out she was guilty of some INNOCENT LITTLE CRIMES but she says it was only out OF LOVE & DECEPTION! But the students at FALLEN CREST HIGH  said the dude had a BAD REP when he blew UP IN FLAMES
for TAKING CHANCES on FREEDOM ROADBut Dang! I think I need to read BETWEEN THE LINES or is it ONE PINK LINE ? I’m not PRECISE but I think I just took ETERNAL VOWS or THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN… either way, I’ll be a WIFE BY WEDNESDAY and he’ll be FOREVER MINE and I’ll take him down to the THE SWEET GUM TREE where we can… well! You know… ANY TIME, ANY PLACE pop the porpoise…I mean  FIND YOU IN THE DARK for a little HANDS ON where one can learn about HAILEY’S TRUTH! They say MEGAN’S WAY is BROKEN by MORGAN’S HUNTER who’s really been FALLING FOR SARAH because she really has 
A NEEDFUL HEART or needs a lil RAE of HOPE because it’s seriously REGRETS ONLY when you’re CAPTIVE IN THE DARK but Shhh!  We know we all wanna lil BLINDFOLDED INNOCENCE and to be   SEDUCED IN THE DARK by Caleb who’s got a serious case of  REX RISING while we're at the EATON HOUSE  meeting SOFIE & CARTER who live SOUTH OF BIXBY BRIDGE which is all  
and it gets a little GRITTYwhen you 
just THE VERY THOUGHT OF HIM brings me BACK TO YOU most likely UNDER THE COVERS and you know Sydney says it’s like all WEEKENDS REQUIRED and you’ll wake up one
WICKED MOURNING not knowing WHETHER I’LL LIVE OR DIE so make your WISH LIST and understand she’s NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS but there is ALWAYS & FOREVER a wonderful LOVE STORY and the really best ones totally ROCK ME  and LEAVE ME BREATHLESS! And that's some serious LOVE unrehearsed baby!

And to all
a Happy New Year

 Melisa Hamling


Mary Magdeline said...

Happy New Year Melisa. So happy to see you have a new story for me. :-)

Catherine Bybee said...

Well done, Mary... well done!