Finding Forever

Finding Forever

Sunday, January 20, 2013


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Excellent Cover! Love it ;b
My first reaction: Intervention! I want to take Kate away from her mother and help her recreate herself and understand that she is a person, not an object of hate.

My second reaction: Medication or no, that woman is the spawn of satan. No really, she is. No child should ever be treated the way Kate’s mother treats her. No twenty-two year old should have to put up with such degradation. I wanted to be mad at Kate, tell her she’s an adult and that her mother should no longer have any control over her, but that’s impossible when the woman stalks her own daughter/daughter’s family. And then I wonder what’s wrong with her father? Why isn’t he stepping in? But such is life that we cannot always know the answers or secrets to ones heart.

The one foundation Kate has is Paul, her childhood sweetheart who she marries. It’s unimaginable what or where Kate would be without him. He’s definitely a remarkable hero.

This paragraph melted my heart: (When Kate confronts her mother and her mother can't even tell her she loves her!)
As I’m about to suggest we leave, there’s a tug on my overalls. A cute kid in a soccer shirt and a mushroom cut lump of hair, says, “Don’t worry. I love you, Miss.”

Berto, Rebecca (2012-11-27). Precise (Pulling Me Under) (Kindle Locations 873-875). . Kindle Edition.

As I finished the novella and continued to read the excerpt to the second part “Pulling Me Under” which appears to be a novel and not a novella, my heart is already in turmoil for Kate. I see her foundation crumbling and I’m truly afraid for her and Ella. To the point that I MUST know where the rest of her story goes and hope there is a rainbow shining for Kate and Ella.

This is a story where you want to hug all of the Kate’s in the world and let them know not everything is evil, to give positive reinforcement and encouragement.

I’ll ponder Kate’s outcome until “Pulling Me Under” is available.

Do I recommend Precise? An author who can create such emotions and tug at your heartstrings, as Ms. Berto has, absolutely has my recommendation.

5/5 Stars!

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